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Spokane Movers offers competitive rates for quality moving services. Call us for rough estimate of hours based upon your specific needs.

Local Moving Jobs are Charged Hourly:

  • Truck and Driver: $85 per Hour
  • Helpers each:  $50 per Hour
  • Moves over 55 Miles are charged according to weight and miles
  • Fuel is included
  • Efficient use of your time is guaranteed

Time charged will include bringing the empty truck to the job from Division and Sprague, and returning the empty truck after the job.

Example: Two movers and a truck: $135 per hour


Box 1.5 cu.ft.2.50
Box 1.5 cu.ft. Used1.25
Box 3.0 cu.ft.3.50
Box 3.0 cu.ft. Used1.75
Box 4.5 cu.ft.4.50
Box 4.5 cu.ft. Used2.25
Box 6.0 cu.ft.6.50
Box 6.0 cu.ft. Used3.25
Dish Packs10.50
Dish Packs Used5.25
Wardrobe w/ Bar12.50
Wardrobe w/ Bar Used6.25
Mirror Used6.25
Plasma TV150.00
Plasma TV Used75.00
Mattress CoversTwin 2/8.00      

Queen 2/12.00      

King 2/13.00
Newsprint per lb.1.50
Bubble Wrap (48x12)0.75
Paper Pads2.00